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Putnam County Legislature

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Local Law #10 of 2022 RESOLUTION #66

05 April 2022

Local Law #10 of 2022
(Full Legislature Mtg. 04/05/2022)
Be it enacted by the Legislature of the County of Putnam as follows:
Section 1.
Section 4.02 of the Putnam County Charter is hereby amended to read as follows:
§ 4.02. Commissioner of Finance: powers and duties.
The commissioner of Finance shall be the chief fiscal officer of the County and shall
have charge of the administration of its financial affairs except as otherwise provided in
this Charter. The Commissioner of Finance shall:
(a) Collect, receive, have custody of, deposit, invest and disburse all fees, revenues
and other funds of the County or for which the county is responsible, in
accordance with law;
(b) Execute all the duties performed by a County Treasurer in relation to the
collection of taxes and other revenues and have all of the powers and perform all
of the duties conferred or imposed by law upon a County Treasurer;
(c) Assist the County Executive in the preparation and administration of the county
(d) Supervise the director of the Division of Real Property Tax Services;
(e) Borrow money in the name of the County as authorized by the County Legislature;
(1) Submit an Annual Update Document (Annual Financial Report) to the
Office of the New York State Comptroller on or before 120 days (currently
May 1) after the County fiscal year end (Currently December 31). The
Annual Update Document (Annual Financial Report) should contain audited
financial information, if practicable;
(2) Submit regular or special financial statements to the County Executive and
the County Legislature as they may require;
(3) Submit such other reports as may be required by law;
(g) Maintain the books of accounts of the County;
(h) Prescribe approved methods and forms for financial accounting and records for
all County departments and administrative agencies;
(i) Submit annually to the County Executive proposed County tax equalization rates
consistent with standards prescribed by the State Legislature;
(j) Keep records of appropriations, encumbrances and expenditures and prescribe
approved methods of accounting for County offices and administrative agencies;
(k) Procure statement from all depositories of County funds and funds for which the
County is responsible and reconcile such statements with the County accounts;
(l) Subject to the requirements of the Civil Service Law, certify the correctness of
payrolls for the payment of salaries of officers and employees paid from County
Section 2.
This Local Law shall take effect forty-five (45) days after its passage and is subject to
permissive referendum.

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