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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS This is administrative work involving the management, with regard to maintenance and safe and effective operation, of public buildings and/or facilities in a town. This may include administration of operations and maintenance of improvement districts such as water, sewer, parks, cemeteries, refuse etc. Responsibilities include planning, coordinating and monitoring daily operations, maintenance and repairs, agreements and contracts. Responsibilities also include involvement with risk management activities such as identification and correction of deficiencies, risks and/or liabilities, compliance with applicable state, local and federal standards and specifications, and employee training. Additionally, incumbent participates in budget preparation, purchasing activities, preparation, review and award of bids, and other matters related to facility operations. Work is performed under general supervision of the Town Supervisor and Town Board, with wide leeway for the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the details of the work. Supervision may be exercised over building maintenance staff.  Performs related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES:  (Illustrative only)

  • Monitors safe and efficient operations, repairs, maintenance, construction, schedules, etc. of buildings, facilities and/or special districts;
  • Facilitates and reviews purchasing and maintenance contracts with suppliers, contractors and service providers;
  • Inspects and prepares reports on the work of outside contractors;
  • Prepares bid packages, Requests For Professional Services, and other bid documents;
  • Participates in bid reviews and awards in accordance with municipal bidding protocol;
  • Reviews and monitors implementation of policies and operational priorities as they relate to facilities operation and maintenance;
  • Develops, recommends and participates in the formulation of policies and procedures for facilities and/or special district operations;
  • Monitors construction, equipment installations, renovation and redesign projects, maintenance and repair needs, etc., and implements procedures to correct problems and reduce risk;
  • Represents the Town in planning sessions with engineers, architects or other professionals for proposed projects relative to facilities and/or special districts;
  • Works closely with Town Engineer and/or other professionals to prepare presentations about plans and cost estimates of repair, alteration, or other capital projects, and presents to Town Board;
  • Meets with various departments and administrators relative to facilities and/or special districts to review and coordinate operations, compliance with applicable mandates, maintenance and repairs, etc.;
  • Monitors facilities’ and/or special district’s utilization of resources to minimize the risks of loss and recommends corrective or preventative measures where necessary;
  • Investigates and resolves problems arising from construction or changes in existing buildings by referring to appropriate professionals or authorities;
  • Reviews and archives reports on regulations, mandates, etc. relative to operations of public facilities and/or special districts;
  • Participates in planning and implementation of security activities relative to facilities and/or special districts;
  • Prepares annual budgets for facilities and/or special districts;
  • Reviews and approves expenditures and purchasing activities related to facilities operations and maintenance;
  • Works with all required insurance companies to file a variety of reports, claims, and projects;
  • Facilitates and manages insurance coverage for facilities and related activities, as needed;
  • Coordinates with Town Insurance Provider regarding mandatory employee training;
  • Maintains records, research data, project files, etc. and produces reports as needed for Town, or as required by state agencies;
  • Attends site inspections of Town properties conducted by County, State, and Federal agencies;
  • Handles all administrative duties relative to MS4 guidelines;
  • Provides information for and responds to questions from the public;
  • Uses computer applications and software in performing work assignments;
  • May research and maintains data relative to grants and grant opportunities for the Town;
  • May prepare grant applications and oversees grant implementation throughout grant cycle, including writing, application processes, and implementation of grants and loan-eligible reimbursements;
  • Organizes and oversees special projects and events as needed;
  • Performs a variety of related activities as required.

Typical Work Activities are intended only as illustrations of possible types of work that might be appropriately assigned to an incumbent of this title. Work activities that do not appear above are not excluded as appropriate work assignments, as long as they can be reasonably understood to be within the logical limits of the job.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Good knowledge of the principles and practices of facilities management and operation activities; good knowledge of applicable codes, laws, rules and regulations governing municipal buildings and grounds administration; good knowledge of buildings and grounds maintenance and repair practices and procedures; good knowledge of safety precautions and practices associated with buildings and grounds maintenance and repair work; Good knowledge of the principles and practices of administrative supervision;  familiarity with construction, maintenance and repair of facilities and structures; familiarity with the building maintenance trades; some basic familiarity with construction drafting, blueprints and specifications; ability to understand, inspect and remedy problems in facilities’ maintenance and operation; ability to oversee multiple ongoing projects; ability to understand budgets and renovation estimates, and to manage work within budgetary limitations; ability to organize, prepare and maintain accurate records and files; ability to express ideas clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships; good judgment; initiative; resourcefulness; tact; courtesy; integrity.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher and one (1) year work experience involving administrative responsibilities regarding facility or building maintenance and/or operations, facilities or building projects management, or closely related work; or
  2. Associates degree and three (3) years work experience involving administrative responsibilities regarding facility or building maintenance and/or operations, facilities or building projects management, or closely related work; or
  3. Graduation from high school or possession of a comparable diploma and five (5) years work experience involving administrative responsibilities regarding facility or building maintenance and/or operations, facilities or building projects management, or closely related work; or
  4. An equivalent combination of training and experience as described in a) and b) above.

PLEASE NOTE: Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education.


5/07; 1/09; 1/10; 7/22

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer, in a fair and equitable manner, the provisions of New York State Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with respect to the offices and employments in the classified service of Putnam County and the civil divisions therein, which include the towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts.

It is Putnam County Personnel Department’s responsibility to ensure Putnam County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness as set forth in Article 5, §6 of the New York State Constitution.

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