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Personnel Department


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is a paraprofessional position which involves the performance of supportive service functions associated with the implementation, maintenance, and delivery of departmental programs. Work is carried out in accordance with established guidelines. The purpose of the class is to relieve the professional staff of more routine duties. The incumbent of this position receives direct supervision from a higher-level professional with some leeway for independent judgment in routine matters. Performs related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES: (Illustrative only)

  • Maintains contact with clients and assists in providing counseling and/or paraprofessional services to assist clients enrolled in or engaged with departmental services;
  • Provide Caseworkers and other professional staff with information gathered during visits with clients;
  • Provides or facilitates transportation of clients and family members to and from a variety of appointments, programs and/or services;
  • Prepares progress reports and summaries;
  • Assists in development and coordination of department specific programing and/or plans;
  • Performs a variety of related activities as required.

When Assigned to Department of Social Services:

  • Interviews clients and their families to gather information, making home and/or office visits when necessary;
  • Assists in studying background of referred children, securing information from multiple sources;
  • Identifies client needs and makes referrals, advising clients of available services and related requirements;
  • Arranges for foster home or residential placement services;
  • Assists agency staff to streamline the application process;
  • Assists staff with the inputting and /or encoding of computer data;
  • Reviews WMS data and authorizes limited services;
  • May issue required decision notices for emergency assistance or immediate needs determination;
  • May attend, appear at, or testify during legal proceedings.

When assigned to Office for Senior Resources:

  • Interviews clients and their families to gather information, making home and/or office visits when necessary;
  • Performs outreach liaison work to clients unable to avail themselves of the recommended services;
  • Serves as client advocate to resolve service related problems;
  • Monitors clients support services in the community;
  • Accompanies clients on appointments when necessary.

When assigned to Youth Services:

  • Encourages participation and promotes development of youth and adolescents by guiding them, under the auspices of a higher-level professional, through program activities of the agency;
  • Maintains information on community resources which can be utilized to enhance program activities;
  • Works with private, voluntary and other public agencies to help identify the availability of related community services for youth and adolescents;
  • Assists staff with the inputting and /or encoding of computer data.

Typical Work Activities are intended only as illustrations of possible types of work that might be appropriately assigned to an incumbent of this title. Work activities that do not appear above are not excluded as appropriate work assignments, as long as they can be reasonably understood to be within the logical limits of the job

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Knowledge of the modern principles and practices of social casework and social group; ability to effectively conduct interviews and assist with investigations; familiarity with services provided by the agency and community resources; ability to prepare written reports and other necessary documents; ability to use computers and computer software for word processing and data management; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships; ability to deal effectively and objectively with clients of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultures; good listening skills, social perceptiveness; tact; confidentiality; good judgment.


  1. Associates Degree and one (1) year experience which shall have involved substantial client contact in a Social Service, Mental Health or related agency; or
  2. Graduation from high school or possession of a comparable diploma, and three (3) years experience which shall have involved substantial client contact in a Social Service, Mental Health or related agency; or
  3. An equivalent combination of education and experience as described in (a) and (b) above.

SUBSTITUTION NOTE: A Bachelor’s Degree may be substituted for the minimum qualifications as described above.

PLEASE NOTE: Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education.


Possession of a valid unrestricted appropriate level driver’s license and acceptable driving record is required at time of appointment and must be maintained throughout employment.


2/21; 12/22

Competitive Class

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer, in a fair and equitable manner, the provisions of New York State Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with respect to the offices and employments in the classified service of Putnam County and the civil divisions therein, which include the towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts.

It is Putnam County Personnel Department’s responsibility to ensure Putnam County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness as set forth in Article 5, §6 of the New York State Constitution.

  • Paul Eldridge

    Personnel Officer

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