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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS This is professional public health work in non-engineering fields of environmental health which involves responsibilities of a complex nature in the administration of multiple specialized public health protection programs. The Associate Public Health Sanitarian is distinguished from the Senior Public Health Sanitarian by the greater complexity of administrative and supervisory responsibilities relative to public health protection programs. General supervision is received from the Commissioner of Health and direct supervision by the Director of Environmental Health Services. The administrative responsibilities of this position are typically performed independently. Supervision is exercised over a number of public health protection employees. Performs related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES: (Illustrative only)

  • Supervises and trains public health protection staff;
  • Oversees a variety of public health protection programs, including but not limited to the following: food service establishments, institutions, children's camps, temporary residences, pools and beaches, mobile home parks, housing, rabies programs, lead screening, tanning salons, mosquito and tick identification, rodent control, X-Ray installation, tobacco control non‑community water supplies, sewage and general nuisances;
  • Provides supervision, and training activities for a variety of assigned environmental health programs;
  • Ensures that program activities are conducted in a manner that conform with applicable public health codes;
  • Provides coverage for additional programs that are overseen by other  Public Health Sanitarians when needed;
  • Prepares statistical reports for state aid reimbursements;
  • Prepares technical reports and supervises the maintenance of a variety of program records and files;
  • Assists in conducting epidemiological investigations relating to food‑borne disease;
  • Consults with municipal, state, and federal agencies, as well as private agencies regarding non‑engineering public health programs and conformance with applicable codes;
  • Develops and implements policies regarding uniform inspection techniques;
  • Plans and revises public health programs and procedures;
  • Organizes and facilitates enforcement actions initiated by the Department;
  • Reviews Administrative Law Judge reports;
  • Reviews fine assessments with supervisors;
  • May represent the Department of Health on matters and problems relating to public health protection;
  • Serves as liaison with NYSDOH to ensure compliance with Public Health Laws and NYSDOH requirements;
  • May supply information or offer training that relates to public health programs to outside groups or organizations requesting assistance;
  • Performs a variety of related activities as required.

Typical Work Activities are intended only as illustrations of possible types of work that might be appropriately assigned to an incumbent of this title. Work activities that do not appear above are not excluded as appropriate work assignments, as long as they can be reasonably understood to be within the logical limits of the job.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES & PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Comprehensive knowledge of environmental health principles, techniques, and practices, and administration of sanitation laws and regulations, and modern inspection methods; ability to plan and supervise the work of others; ability to train others in environmental health work; good professional judgment; tact and courtesy.


Bachelors degree with at least thirty (30) credit hours in natural sciences, of which no more than twelve (12) credit hours may be in applied sciences, and two (2) years of experience as a Senior Public Health Sanitarian.

*  Per New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR), Title 10, Part 11.

NOTE: Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education.


  1. Access to transportation may be required to complete possible field work assignments in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Incumbents must have completed a public health training course approved by the NYSDOH prior to appointment.
  3. Certification as a New York State Food Service Inspection Officer II (FSIO II) is required at time of appointment.
  4. Incumbents must meet all qualifications and requirements of Senior Public Health Sanitarian


3/91; 9/97; 7/99; 8/10; 6/18; 3/21; 4/21

Competitive Class

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer, in a fair and equitable manner, the provisions of New York State Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with respect to the offices and employments in the classified service of Putnam County and the civil divisions therein, which include the towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts.

It is Putnam County Personnel Department’s responsibility to ensure Putnam County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness as set forth in Article 5, §6 of the New York State Constitution.

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