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L to R: Personnel Director Eldridge, County Clerk Bartolotti, Sheriff McConville, County Executive Byrne, Chief of Staff to DA Tendy (Christina Rizzo), and CSEA Union President Amicucci.

Putnam County Reinstates Employee Recognition Program

15 February 2023

CARMEL, NY – This week, Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne announced the revival of the Employee Recognition Program by re-hanging the County’s Employee of the Year plaque in the main entrance of the County Office Building on Gleneida Street in Carmel. Byrne was joined by County Clerk Michael Bartolotti, Sheriff Kevin McConville, Personnel Officer and former County Executive Paul Eldridge, Putnam County CSEA President Linda Amicucci, CSEA Executive Committee Board Members, and representatives from County Legislative Chairman Paul Jonke, to announce details of the program and the selection process.

“Our public employees are vital to the success of Putnam County as they work tirelessly to serve our residents,” said County Executive Byrne. “The Employee Recognition Program is an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication, while at the same time, highlight the importance of the work they do and the many lives they touch. It’s high time we rehang this plaque and start this program up again.”

The program will culminate in the naming of an Employee of the Year, who will be chosen by a selection committee consisting of 5 union agreement covered employees. Nominees must be a full-time employee and employed with the county for at least 2 years. Honorees will join the County Executive at an award ceremony where their name will be added to the plaque.

“I am proud to be a part of the revival of this initiative and on behalf of our members, I want to thank County Executive Byrne for bringing back the Employee Recognition Program,” said Putnam County CSEA Unit 8150 President Linda Amicucci. “Whenever we can shine a spotlight on the incredible work done day in and day out by county employees, we should take advantage. I know this will mean a lot to our members moving forward.  We have so many awesome union workers that work hard every day for Putnam County.”

The last employee of the year was recognized in 2011 by then County Executive, and current Director of Personnel, Paul Eldridge. Following that, the program was disbanded, and the plaque removed from public sight. It was found in storage by County Clerk Bartolotti earlier this year.

“County Executive Byrne had announced at one of his transition meetings that he intended to bring back the county’s Employee Recognition program, and by happenstance, my staff and I had just discovered the old plaque,” said County Clerk Bartolotti. “I’m thrilled that we’re going to bring this program back and I look forward to nominating one of our many great employees.”

The revival of the Employee Recognition Program is a part of Byrne’s commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment for county employees.


For full video of the announcement, click here

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