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Neal Zuckerman and County Executive Byrne

Byrne Recommended Nominee to MTA Board To Be Confirmed by Senate

06 June 2023

Carmel, NY - The New York State Senate is set to confirm Neal Zuckerman, County Executive Kevin Byrne's recommended nominee, to serve as the Putnam County representative on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board. Zuckerman, currently serving as the finance chair of the MTA board, has been an instrumental figure in effectively representing both the county and the Metro-North Railroad system.

County Executive Byrne expressed his satisfaction with Zuckerman's confirmation, acknowledging his significant contributions to the MTA board. "Neal Zuckerman's confirmation to the MTA board is a testament to his exceptional dedication and expertise. As the finance chair, he has proven himself to be an asset to the board, ensuring the financial stability and effectiveness of the Metro-North Railroad system," said Byrne. "Despite our differing political affiliations, the people of Putnam County recognize the immense value Neal brings to the board. This non-partisan appointment reflects our shared commitment to serving our community and enhancing the MTA's services for residents."

Zuckerman, a resident of Philipstown, expressed gratitude for the nomination and the opportunity to continue representing his community on the MTA board. “I’m honored to be confirmed for another term by the State Senate, and continue serving as Putnam County’s representative on the MTA board,” said Zuckerman. “I’m proud to call Putnam my home, and I will continue to work diligently to represent the interests and needs of our community and improve the transportation infrastructure for customers. Thank you again to County Executive Kevin Byrne for officially recommending me.”

With his extensive background in finance and his understanding of the transportation industry, he remains dedicated to improving the MTA's operations and enhancing the overall commuting experience for Putnam County residents.

The confirmation of Neal Zuckerman highlights the collaborative efforts between the county government and the MTA to address the transportation needs of Putnam County effectively. As a member of the MTA board, Zuckerman will continue to use his extensive background in finance and his understanding of the industry to advocate for the county's interests, contribute to the development and implementation of policies and initiatives that benefit both Putnam County and the MTA as a whole.

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