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Byrne Joins Gillibrand to Highlight Anti-Fentanyl Trafficking Legislation

31 July 2023

“The opioid epidemic remains the public health crisis of our lifetime, and the pervasiveness of fentanyl in communities across the country has only exasperated the problem. We cannot continue to allow drug cartels and other bad actors to get away with profiting off murdering hundreds of thousands of Americans. I thank the Senator for coming to Putnam County and for her efforts to further raise awareness about this critical issue.

Putnam County is committed to continuing to provide resources for treatment, recovery, education, and enforcement, but our enforcement measures are only so effective in the face of a multi-billion dollar drug trafficking industry. We need more federal action supporting the D.E.A. & I.C.E. as much of this poison is sourced from our nation’s southern border.  Here at home, we will continue to work towards reducing the overall demand of these harmful drugs so the supply lines become less powerful, but we cannot be blind to what they are doing and cannot allow these criminal organizations to operate as they have.”

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“Remember that Putnam County is home. Regardless of what may make us different as individuals, it is our respect for each-other as neighbors, our desire to step up and serve, to lend a hand, and leave this beautiful county better off than we found it. That is what makes this place so special. It is with that in mind that we as a county government are here to serve, and will always serve, with a desire to do better.” - Kevin M. Byrne | Putnam County Executive 

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