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Diary of a Horse Skeptic -May 29th 2023

29 May 2023

Dear Diary, 
When we were in Vietnam and it was getting near the end of our tours we became short timers. That title came with a raft of short timer jokes. I am so short that I can sit on the edge of a dime and dangle my feet. I know Diary real bad. It was a count down to the time we got on the Freedom Bird to flay back to the world! I’m so short you have to dig a hole to kick me in the ass. I know ugh! Well I am a short timer again. Only a few days and a wake up again. This time it is going to be wings up for 
Honor Flight! A wonderful trip Washington DC with other Veterans and our guardians to see the Veteran monuments in DC. We are being treated like VIP’s Diary. On May 7th Honor Flight hosted a meet and greet for all the Veterans and guardians going on the Flight #30. My Guardian Megan drove us to the event in Port Chester. Every Veteran is assigned or can pick a Guardian who will be with you the entire day of the flight! Steve who works in this office was there with his 2 son’s who 
are Guardians. 
It was there that Megan saw a person from Honor Flight staff with a shirt with the following Will Rogers quote on the back: “We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by”. Well I am not a hero but I will be on the flight with heroes. Also Diary Megan epitomizes that quote. 
Not wanting to extinguish the flame of excitement I do have to make a point. Recently we had a rally and had definitive proof that Governor Hochul was cutting millions of dollars from the NYS budget and we heard crickets of support from her supporters. Now there is a bill in the House of Representatives that has zero to do with Veterans that does not even contain a single reference to Veterans (I read the bill Diary) and our Congressman Lawlor is being attacked for cutting funding for Veterans. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dairy people should check things out prior to spewing nonsense! 
Sorry if that was a downer but I had to say it. 

 I wish you horses! Karl 

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