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Diary of a Horse Skeptic – June 2022

01 June 2022

This is going to be a mixed feed bag of stuff to tell you. All exciting stuff!
On June 18th there was a horse show at Pegasus Farm. They asked Veterans and First Responders to work with horses in a corral outside and demonstrate some on the skills that we learned through the Equus Effect. What a great day. Steve was the star of the show. His favorite horse “Tyler”
(Yes Steve and Tyler, you can’t make that up) was honored as Horse of the Year. Along with that Steve was named Volunteer of the Year. The truth of the matter was that Steve was really named Best in Show.

Whatever the award we are very proud of Steve and his volunteer work at Pegasus Farm. Steve is a Vietnam Veteran.

There were other awards given. My friend and fellow Veteran Eddie’s granddaughter received and award. See Scarlett’s picture with her proud parents. She really is a cutie Diary.
Diary yes that is a striking picture of me with Jackpot. Jackpot is a new horse to the herd at Pegasus. This was the first time I had ever worked with him and he is a charmer.
The small horse is Violet. She was all decked out for the show. Violet is a favorite with the children. They enjoy her pint size.
Now for the pic on the top. Kenny, Rich, Carl and Karl.
Diary that is correct. His last name is Rohde as well. He just pronounces it differently (wrong). Look at our smiles!
Why all of this. Never in a lifetime did I think that I would spend my Saturday or any day with horses. Never ever. They have changed my life and they can change yours. Look for future Equus Effect Cohorts. May the Horse be with you.
– Karl

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