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DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: Work involves responsibility for the performance of routine classroom duties and non-professional tasks to assist teachers in the classroom. Proficiency in both Spanish and English language is required in the performance of duties such as assisting with teachers’ records and teaching materials, attending to students’ physical needs, helping students with clothing, monitoring students, managing students’ movement and line up, distributing and collecting papers, to provide instruction and translation as needed for Spanish speakers. Specific tasks vary depending on assigned grade level as well as other job assignments. Teacher Aide positions differ from the certified position of Teaching Assistant in that Teacher Aides may not perform duties which are instructional or instructionally related, including but not limited to reinforcement and remediation. (E.g., Teacher Assistants may, but Teacher Aides may not, work with individual students or small groups on instructional tasks to reinforce teacher assigned drills or practice activities. Work is performed under general supervision of a teacher or school administrator. Performs related work as required.


  • Attends to physical needs of students and/or assists students with special needs;
  • Communicates orally and in writing in both the Spanish and English languages;
  • Maintains simple records such as recording grades or completion of homework assignments, as directed by teacher;
  • Assists teacher in routine classroom preparation duties, such as making student folders, making charts, schedules, posters and bulletin boards at the direction of teacher;
  • Helps teacher with classroom set up by distributing and/or gathering materials and setting up equipment;
  • Assists teachers in demonstrating the proper use of vocational tools and equipment;
  • Corrects standardized objective tests;
  • Supervises and monitors class when teacher is out of room;
  • Relieves teacher of study hall, corridor, lunchroom and other monitorial duties;
  • Helps maintain discipline and structure within the classroom;
  • Makes photocopies of materials for classes and lessons;
  • Provides a good example to students in such areas as cleanliness and proper manners;
  • Assists teacher by helping students to stay focused, pay attention and participate by reminding students to listen when the teacher is giving directions;
  • Assists in routine classroom housekeeping chores;
  • Organizes and participates in group games and related activities;
  • Reads and tells stories to children;
  • Assists in implementing good behavior management routines and techniques;
  • Takes attendance and lunch counts;
  • Assists teachers in helping students prepare for dismissal by helping students gather belongings;
  • Escorts students to and from buses, classrooms, bathroom and lunchroom;
  • May assist teacher in proctoring tests;
  • May assist teachers and students in selecting materials in the library;
  • May assist teachers and students in computer operation;
  • May write down homework and take class notes for students;
  • Performs a variety of related activities as required.


  • Assists the disabled student(s) to and from the school bus upon arrival and dismissal;
  • Accompanies the disabled student(s) between classrooms, aids the child(ren) at activity sites and in activities which the student(s) is able to participate in while in school;
  • Aids the disabled student(s) with clothing, arranging his/her/their locker(s) and related activities;
  • Assists the disabled student(s) with repetitive drills of physical skills as directed by a Special Education Teacher;
  • Performs simple medical procedures which will enable the disabled student(s) to participate in school activities;
  • Participates in development of the individualized education program for the disabled student(s) with teachers and parents;
  • Aids the disabled student(s) in eating meals and with toilet activities;
  • Assists in training of the disabled student(s) in basic personal hygiene techniques;
  • Works with the school’s medical staff and Special Education Teachers in implementing the recommended activities and to promote improved motor control and coordination;
  • Prepares simple records and reports on a disabled student’s progress;
  • Performs a variety of related activities as required.

Typical Work Activities are intended only as illustrations of possible types of work that might be appropriately assigned to an incumbent of this title. Work activities that do not appear above are not excluded as appropriate work assignments, as long as they can be reasonably understood to be within the logical limits of the job.

FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:   Working knowledge of classroom routine; ability to establish good relationships with students, teachers and coworkers; ability to communicate effectively; ability to establish and maintain discipline; tact; courtesy; dependability; initiative and resourcefulness.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or possession of a comparable diploma.


  1. Access to transportation is required to perform field work responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. Candidates must be fluent in the understanding, speaking, reading, writing and translating Spanish.



Non-Competitive Class

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer, in a fair and equitable manner, the provisions of New York State Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with respect to the offices and employments in the classified service of Putnam County and the civil divisions therein, which include the towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts.

It is Putnam County Personnel Department’s responsibility to ensure Putnam County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness as set forth in Article 5, §6 of the New York State Constitution.

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    Personnel Officer

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