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Putnam County

Personnel Department


DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS This is important professional level work involving administration of all Putnam County development, planning, and transportation programs and policies. Responsibilities include managing major divisions of the Planning department, and supervising managerial, administrative, technical and clerical personnel. The Commissioner acts as advisor to the Putnam County Planning Board and liaison for local, regional, State, and Federal officials to ensure compliance with all Federal and State laws and regulations. Work is performed under general direction of the County Executive. Performs related work as required.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES: (Illustrative only)

  • Develops departmental policy and programs; administers and manages departmental affairs, budget, and personnel; appoints staff to implement duties of this office as detailed herein, within appropriations thereof; removes and disciplines stall and personnel as deemed appropriate, and reviews all work products produced by department staff and personnel;
  • Oversees the preparation of County development planning studies for submission to the County Legislature regarding the use of Putnam County resources, including, but not limited to, transportation, the environment, and County facilities;
  • Analyzes and evaluates county issues, programs and projects and reports to the County Executive;
  • Administers County bus operations, manages County affairs with private bus contractor, and ensures compliance with all Federal and State laws and regulations related to public transit operations and programs as required by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, including preparation and completion of the Unified Planning Work Program and special transportation studies;
  • Coordinates public transportation services with local, State, and other county and regional public transit providers;
  • Develops and administers departmental policies and programs;
  • Represents the County as requested by the County Executive and corresponds with elected and appointed officials, local, regional, State, and Federal agencies, as well as the private sector regarding County resources, planning, development, and transportation matters;
  • Prepares and updates a Comprehensive Croton System Water Quality Protection Plan (Croton Plan) as set forth in Section 18-82 of the Rules and Regulations for the Protection from Contamination, Degradation, and Pollution of the New York City Water Supply and its sources; 
  • Coordinates Putnam County municipalities in New York City watershed with NYC Department of Environmental Protection, and the New York State Department of Health with regard to the Croton Plan;
  • Prepares an annual report each year after adoption on the status of the Croton plan as required by Section 18-82;
  • Provides technical assistance as required on all matters related to the implementation of the NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement and any other matter related to the watershed of the City of New York;
  • Performs research concerning County programs and completes applications to obtain financial and technical assistance through local, State, Federal, or other revenue sources;
  • Plans and implements all bikeway trail projects;
  • Exercises all the powers and duties prescribed by law for the Putnam County Planning Board;
  • Assists the County Executive in executive planning, including the capital budget and capital programs;
  • Makes recommendations concerning special permits, variances, adoption or amendments to municipal zoning regulations and master plans, subdivisions, site plans, and other land use control mechanisms upon required referral from municipalities pursuant to General Municipal Law Article 12-B, Sections 239 l, m, and n;
  • Administers all programs and projects conducted by the Soil and Water Conservation District;
  • Conducts education and training programs related to transportation, planning, development, and environmental issues;
  • Administers the Putnam County Lake Management Program;
  • Performs all duties required as a member of the New York State Data Center Affiliate Program;
  • Performs analysis of U.S. Census data and provides assistance to the public, county agencies, not-for-profit agencies, and other municipalities regarding census and other data relevant to Putnam County;
  • Performs other related duties as required by the County Executive and/or the Putnam County Charter.

Typical Work Activities are intended only as illustrations of possible types of work that might be appropriately assigned to an incumbent of this title. Work activities that do not appear above are not excluded as appropriate work assignments, as long as they can be reasonably understood to be within the logical limits of the job.

FULL PERFORMANCE, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Good knowledge of principles and practices used in municipal planning, development and planning studies; good knowledge of sections of federal, state and local statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to planning, land use, environmental protection, civil rights and municipalities; good knowledge of public administration as it applies to managing a department with diverse operational functions; knowledge of SEQRA, Title VI, NEPA, and the General Municipal Law; knowledge of techniques used to gather data for statistical analysis and reports; knowledge of modern principles and practices of effective management and supervision; familiarity with state and local agencies involved in planning, their functions and organization; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with civic leaders, public officials and the general public; ability to meet the needs of county officials in a timely, accurate manner; ability to organize, plan, supervise and review the work of professional and technical planning personnel; tact, courtesy and integrity.


Bachelor’s degree and four (4) years of experience in government administrative management, which included supervision of professional and support staff and either:

  1. Eight (8) years of practical experience in regional, county, or municipal planning; or
  2. Possession of a license to practice law in New York State, maintained throughout appointment.


This position is considered to be a public officer. Pursuant to Article 3 of the NYS Public Officers law, the holder of this position must be a United States citizen and a resident of Putnam County.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your degree must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education.


08/04; 3/05; 1/09; 8/18; 2/22;

Non-Competitive Class

*as per the Putnam County Charter

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer, in a fair and equitable manner, the provisions of New York State Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with respect to the offices and employments in the classified service of Putnam County and the civil divisions therein, which include the towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts.

It is Putnam County Personnel Department’s responsibility to ensure Putnam County taxpayers of a public workforce qualified for their jobs pursuant to the principles of selection according to merit and fitness as set forth in Article 5, §6 of the New York State Constitution.

  • Paul Eldridge

    Personnel Officer

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Carmel, New York 10512

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