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Lab Technician

**ABB Optical is hosting a Job Fair at the company, on Wednesday 2/8/23 from 12 noon-3:30 pm for 
Lab Technicians in the Digital Eye Lab Network Department at 4 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY 
The Lab Technician is responsible for the timely, efficient, and accurate processing of products in the 
Digital Eye Lab. A Lab Technician is a cross trained and multifunctional position with the entry level 
training to enable performing up to 3 core functions as listed below. Lab Technicians will be assigned 
one core function, where he/she will work the predominant portion of their daily work schedule. As 
well as be expected to perform work in the additional function(s) as needed. Key Responsibilities: Lab 
Technicians will perform a minimum of one and up to three of the following functions: 1) 
Washing/Cleaning Lenses; 2) Picking Lenses; 3) De-blocking Lenses; 4) Box making; 5) Binning orders; 6) 
Lens Marking; 7) Engraving Lenses; 8) Surface/Finish blocking lenses; 9) Tinting lenses; 10) Simple 
frame assembly; 11) Tracing; 12) Cosmetic inspection of lenses. 
Utilizes available equipment and resources. Accountable for the production expectations 
communicated by management throughout the day. Associate will perform and comply with all job 
functions according to documented standard operating procedures at all times. Meet or exceed 
established performance thresholds in all core and secondary job functions. Report all known product, 
process, and or reporting defects and inefficiencies to supervisory personnel. Participate in team, 
department and company-wide meetings as scheduled. Actively participate in team discussions and 
provide feedback to maintain and improve the work environment. Ensure that work area is clean and 
organized and prepared for the next shift with all items in their designated locations. Utilize proper 
handling techniques and equipment to minimize damages and reduce injuries. Follow and uphold all 
OSHA and company guidelines, policies and safety regulations. 
Workdays & Hours Available are Monday - Friday from 3pm to 12am, or 8pm to 5am, or 9pm to 6am. 
Also Sunday - Thursday from 9pm to 6am. 
Required Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent is required for full time employment. No 
specific prior work experience. Desired Qualifications: Prior experience in a warehouse or 
manufacturing environment

in Hawthorne, New York
Workforce Partnership
Start date: As soon as possible
Reference: ABB Optical Group

How to Apply:
To apply, contact the employer in person: 
Carrera, Alejandra
4 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, NY 10532

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