American Red Cross Virtual Family Assistance Center in New York State

The American Red Cross across the regions of New York State have developed a program in response to
COVID-19 to support individuals and families who have lost family members to death as a result of
COVID-19. The program will link crisis counselors with families to provide emotional and spiritual
support, as well as targeted short-term case management to assist with navigating through the
challenging processes they might be faced with as a result of the death. This might include challenges
with moving the family member’s body through the hospital, nursing home, medical examiner and
funeral home systems in this time when those systems may be overwhelmed and their processes may
be different than they normally are. They may also include linkage to legal resources for estate,
custody, immigration or other issues related to the death.

The following links to an online intake form can be submitted by a family member, a friend who thinks
someone needs help, or an agency on behalf of the family. For those without access to the needed
online technology, the phone number will link the caller to an intake person who will assist with the
initial steps for getting assistance.

The program is expected to operate for as long as families will benefit from the service or through the
month of September.